The first educational technology was writing (Feenberg, 1999), in keeping with the general definition: "the use of technology to support the learning process" (Twinisles, 2007). While educational technology need to refer solely to high technology, but with the advent of the personal computer much in the area of educational technology has focused on technology tools and techniques that have developed out of its use.

24184.JPGPlato denounced the use of writing in education, seeing it as destroying the dialogic relationship between teacher and student (Feenberg, 1999). Educators have had significant time to appropriately adapt writing for instruction and demonstrate its purposes and uses. Educators have not had similar opportunities to address and build on the criticisms of high technology use in education, making this area educational technology an important focus for the development of resources and guides. The No Significant Difference Phenomenon effort supports the compelling argument that it is not the mode of instructional delivery that determines educational effectiveness, but the quality of the instruction for which it is used that determines its value. To that end, this wiki explores a number of high tech instructional tools and techniques with the intent of increasing the quality of instruction associated with their use.